When we started MIZANDMOXIE.COM a couple of years ago, one of the things we were dead sure of was that we only wanted to partner with emerging Filipino talent.

Alexa for PROUDRACE.

What started off as a straightforward consignment model quickly evolved into something more fulfilling.

Granted, the idea of collaborating is not a new one–but through this synthesis of ideas, the fruits of our labor are always fresh and new—we’d like to think so at least LOL.

In October of 2015, we took a gamble. Instead of investing in marketing yuck—we decided to put our money where our mouths were. To #OwnOurOwn and pay it forward where it really actually mattered—our talented crop of Filipino brands and designers.

Sherlaine for NLPZ.

They are our true investment.

In no time at all, the shortlist of designers for the MIZANDMOXIE.COM Collabs Season I was drawn up: Basic Movement, Proudrace, NLPZ, Rica Rico, and Neon Island.

The whole experience was truly exciting!

The free-flowing exchange of inspiration, affectations, and alterations made the design process wholly collaborative. What made it even more exciting was that the group of designers were all so different from each other.

They had different POV’s, different likes and dislikes, different inspirations and different experience levels. Each inspirational deck matched to that particular brand’s POV. We owned our own together, in a way. =)

In the end, we produced five cohesive collections that we were all truly proud of.

We saw our inspirations come to life. =)

For Basic Movement it was Pride and Prejudice. For Proudrace – TLC. For NLPZ Victor/Victoria. For Rica Rico it was Cher, and for Neon Island it was the Sound of Music.


We will be forever grateful to our first batch of collab designers. Forever. As in.

And we here at MIZANDMOXIE.COM are super excited to announce that some of them will be returning for Season II of our collabs!!!

There will be some familiar faces and a few new cast members.

Exciting times!

We also want to thank you, our dear #MizAndMoxieGRRRLS for your continued support. SUPER DUPER THANKYOULOVEYOU!!!


♥ #TeamMizAndMoxie

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