As we gear up for Season 2 of our Collab Series here at #StudioMizAndMoxie, we’d like to take another moment to indulge in the awesomeness (which we DO say so ourselves) that was Collab Season 1—and why and how it came about.

Bear with us, we’ll get to the beautiful pictures of Season 1’s Collabs. But we really feel the need to talk about why it came about in the first place. It wasn’t just a matter of design, it was a question of integrity, community and development.

Community. NOT competition.

When we began, there were some general ideas as to what Filipino Fashion looked like: traditional barongs and ternos OR printed T-Shirts OR straight-up runway couture gownsbut that’s not the case! When we founded MIZANDMOXIE.COM, we wanted to champion the growing crop of contemporary Filipino RTW designers. We want to bring this community to the fore. Coz we really believe that to stick it to the Fast Fashion Man, we need to work together. It’s community not competition among ourselves.

For us at MIZANDMOXIE.COM there’s a sense of fulfillment knowing that the pieces we purchase were made from the people in our community—that the process, from design to production, is original and ethical. With more info on the dark side of the fast fashion industry becoming more readily available (see The True Cost) the idea of becoming ethical consumers is spreading.

With an ever-growing record of downright design copying and inhumane production practices, supporting these fast fashion brands comes down to a question of integrity and compassion. They’re trendy. They’re everywhere. It’s easy. It’s cheap. But is it truly worth it? NO.

There’s so much original talent right here, and they weren’t that hard for us to find. Shopping for whatever taste locally and ethically has never been as easy. There’s really no excuse…

That’s why we decided to invest in these talents and collaborate with them. On the one hand, it feels so right to support these kids. On the other hand: it’s frickin’ fun!

We love being a part of these young creatives’ design processes. We start with a crop of young brands with a strong sense of identity, give them an inspiration board and let them fly to drop it, flip it and reverse it. From there it’s a collaborative back and forth on the pieces we want to see, the actual design and the execution of the final exclusive and limited edition collections.

COLLAB SEASON 1: (in chronological order of release)


Inspo and assignments: Victorian Era- a play on modesty and sensuality. The shoot was inspired by Old World / Classic References. The look inspired was inspired by Pride + Prejudice meets Tim Burton’s Helena Bonham Carter.

Shop the rest of the BASIC MOVEMENT collection HERE.

Episode 2: PROUDRACE

Inspo and assignments: Goth Girl Goes to the Gym with a dash of TLC x Jamirocquai thrown into the mix.

Shop the rest of the PROUDRACE collection HERE.

Episode 3: NLPZ

Inspo and assignments: Sexy Menswear, pinstripes and a play on unfinished construction and structure.

Shop the rest of NLPZ’s collection HERE.

Episode 4: RICA RICO

Inspo and assignments: Bitter Disco Lolita.

Shop the rest of RICA RICO’s collection HERE.

Episode 5: NEON ISLAND

Inspo and assignments: The Sound of Music in the Scottish Highlands, colored by New Year’s Resolutions.

Shop the rest of NEON ISLAND’s collection HERE.


And boy are we grateful to these young brands for entrusting us to collaborate with! We wanted to take the time to take a look back at the lovely stuff we created together.

Love you guys.

We’d also like to send a loud and proud shout out to the models who brought these editorials to life!

Maria for Basic Movement, Lexa for Proudrace, Sherlaine for NLPZ, Jessica for Rica Rico and Joy for Neon Island. Love you ladies.



It’s been a quite a rollercoaster ride thus far. And we’re not getting off anytime soon. Trust that we’ll continue collaborating and creating.

Collab Season 2 is dropping very soon with a top secret line up and we’re extremely excited we’re about to pee our pannies.

Launching Season 2 with one of our faves very very soon.



It’s Proudrace.



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