Community and collaboration, NOT competition—this is something we absolutely believe in, and live and operate by at MIZANDMOXIE.COM.

And that’s exactly why as MiZ+MOXiE evolved, we decided that the best way to keep up with the big fast fashion giants was for us independent Filipino retailers to band together.

And so the MIZANDMOXIE.COM Collab Collections were born!

We were over the moon when all the young Filipino brands we tapped said “Yes!” — and one of those brands was Neon Island!

The team was reeling over the fact that Purveyr asked our head betch, Geo, to drop in on their third episode of On This Island to talk with Neon Island co-foundress Chii Loyzaga-Gibbs.  (They missed you Aira!)

Check out the episode below to see Geo babble on about the fashion retail landscape of Manila, why we started MIZANDMOXIE.COM, and why we decided to do the collabs.


I hope that wasn’t too painful – Geo.

Working with the Neon Island Grrrls was a dream. ♥

We wanted to add a twist to their decidedly tropical vibe. Their inspo assignment was—the Sound of Music and the Scottish Highlands! The collab collection was sooooo much fun to create!

And we’re excited to anounce that they will again be part of Collabs Season II! Stay tuned!


To shop Neon Island’s Scottish Highland collection you can click HERE. =)

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