When Winnie Wong, known in the online world as Penelope Pop, asked us to collaborate on a a dance video with a throwback inspired wardrobe, we were like “HELLZ YEZ!”

She was celebrating the milestone of gaining 50K subscribers—which is kind of a big deal—by doing a tribute dance video of Bruno Mars’ Finesse.

The video is just so cute and fun and carefree—words that have been used to describe the MIZANDMOXIE.COM approach to lyf. Life is simply waaaay too short to not be yourself and not have fun. In short, BE YOURSELF AND HAVE FUN!

We had a lot of fun working with the production team and dancers. And we are definitely fans of Penelope Pop. She’s low-key silly, and always herself. As a vlogger, she purchases her own products for review. She’s a teacher by day and is involved in causes for education, and sustainability and the environment.

Here’s to more collabs in the future, Winnie!




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Here are just some of our favorite pieces from the video!


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Here are Penelope Pop’s Pages:

Facebook: Penelope Pop

Instagram: @penelopepopart

Youtube: Penelope Pop